Hello lovely readers!

I’ve decided to start this blog.

At the moment I feel like a balloon that’s about to pop. DON’T worry I’m not going to pop – not literally. I’ve just got sooooo many things I want to say and its all been bubbling up inside of me.

My mum used to (and still does) suggest to start writing a diary. But it just seems sooo pointless writing a diary knowing that nobody will be there to read what I’ve got to say. Then my mum suggested to talk to her . But that’s just AS pointless. She obviously doesn’t remember how it feels like to be a teenager.

There comes a stage in your life when you want more privacy, and  you feel too shy to tell anyone what’s on your mind so you end up hiding it from others – ESPECIALLY your parents. That stage, I think is the stage that I am at  right now.

So that’s why I am going to give this blog a go. I won’t have a schedule, I want to write what I want, when I want and how I want. Plus,  I want to feel that someone out there can appreciate what I have to say without judging me. I want to be myself without having to worry that I will sound stupid, it will lose me friends etc.

So that is why I have decided to make this blog anonymous.

So I can reassure you that what you read on this blog is totally me and not me pretending to be a “better” me.

Being an unconfident- yes that’s officially a word on this blogand I hope you can work out what I mean– girl, there’s a lot of things to get anxious/worried/stressed about.

Main Reasons to get Worried/Stressed/Anxious about:

  1. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE expects you to look and be perfect.
  2. On top of that, everyone expects you to know all the latest gossips, celebrities etc.
  3. You have to work hard to not get into the ‘uncool’ rank of people.
  4. That means number 3 makes number 1 harder.
  5. Suddenly you need to care about what you eat (hence number 1)
  6. You’re supposed to be confident in front of boys and generally people – that also relates to number 1.
  7. Number 6 effects number 3 a LOT.
  8. You need take selfies and then post them online for everyone to see, and then you need to know what ‘hashtags’ mean and all the latest pharses.
  9. Making number 2 soooooo much harder.
  10. You finally get to be more ‘grown up’ so you get to buy what you want (sometimes it’s food – in my case anyway) and that makes number 5 practically impossible.

You basically end up feeling so insecure that it leads to many tears and to that hate of who you are. But I hope that on this blog I will not have to worry about any single one of those stupid rules.

What are your top 5 insecurities? How do you cope with them? DO you cope with them? Feel free to write in the comments below.

I hope to see you all very soon with a new blog post! (well you know what I mean, I’m not literally going to see you…)

Lots of Love,

Rosypop – going back to the ‘real’ world xxx


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