How to: REVISE (ugh)

Dear reader (s),

You have no idea how much I want to carry on reading “Arsenic for tea” by Robin Stevens right now. However, I need to revise for a maths test. *WAILS* so i decided to do a little bit of procrastinating and write this post. Revision s-u-c-k-s.

Hopefully writing out my tips will motivate me to revise. I’ve used these tips before and I find that they actually made me look forwards to revising. I REPEAT: they actually made me look forwards to revising!

So…lets get started!

STEP 1: Plan it, make a timetable/list/anything

I love organising things so this is a really nice way (for me) to get started! I just do little sort of time slots and i write what subjects I am going to revise for and when. If I am revising for just one subject I do what different areas of that subject I am going to do and when. I normally have a little 10 mins break between each slot and have a big 30 mins break in the middle.

STEP 2: Decide what treat/prize you will get when you finish revising.

This really helps me get through revision. Just knowing that there’s a reward at the end helps motivate you.

STEP 3: Do the harder questions first!

How many times have I found myself doing the questions that I know I can do, when I was revising? I have to say like a 10000000 times. So getting the harder questions/subjects/topics done first helps you look forwards to the next subject/topic that needs to be something you like.

STEP 4: Tick things off or/and use stickers!

I feel so satisfied when I finally tick something off. However, I also found gold star stickers in my cupboard that  I used to use long ago. So now I tick things off and stick a gold star on! It feels like I’m back in primary school! 🙂

STEP 5: Have everything you need with you (a glass of water is good.)

I always end up running around my house searching for things I need when I need to be doing revision. For example I get thirsty and have to go and get myself a glass of water but then I spot something and get distracted :0 That’s really bad so make sure you have EVERYTHING with you!

Let nothing interrupt revision!!!

Final thought of the day is that revision does pay off so it’s worth doing it!

Hope these helped you and now I am actually going to revise*ugh*

Lots of love,

Rosypop going back to ‘real’ world xxx


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