I just read! It is UH-mazing! I am sooo proud of my friend!!!!!

Her blog inspired me to write this!

Insecurities are…awful. Here are some of mine:

I’ve got so many that it will take me like 10 hours to list them all so it’s just a few 🙂

  1. I am shy.
  2. I am really shy.
  3. On top of that I am not happy with how I look.
  4. I always worry – I am a worrier.
  5. I am also a rambler.
  6. I’m always scared that I will get a panic attack.
  7. I am always scared that I am not clever enough.

That’s quite a lot…

People…well most girls have insecurities. If you don’t, then you are very VERY lucky and I respect you a LOT!

I think insecurities increase the downs in your life. And you need to have more ups then downs! The world we live in can really become a scary place for girls…It’s very easy to feel like you should be pleasing others. That leads to you becoming a ‘pretend’ or ‘fake’ you.

If you ask yourself: do I do everything for me? Is every single decision I make something I want? Am I scared of being me, the true me?

The truth is the answer will be ‘No’ for those questions, ‘No, only on this blog.’

Let alone when you are growing up it’s so hard as you really start to feel the pressure of making decisions. Whether it’s your GCSE options, or what dress you  need to wear it really stresses most girls.

We forget that this is our life and our life alone. The decisions you make effect your life. I repeat: your life. It’s important to remember to do what you want to do. That doesn’t mean that the road will be smooth along the way, once you’ve made your choice. But confidence and determination will result in a-dream-come-true. If you love something, if something makes you happy, go for it!

Don’t be scared to fight your insecurities and be a 100% yourself. I decided to write this blog because I wanted to connect with people, and now I know that out there, there’s a person that thinks exactly like me. I am not alone. You are not alone. Not the only one with insecurities. Believe in yourself.

Fight your insecurities and something good will come out of it. You will find a person who truly excepts you for who you are and not for who you might be trying to be.

I hope that this inspires you and I will love to see your comments. Thank you sooo much for 5 views and for reading this!

Lots of Love,

Rosypop going back to the ‘real’ world xx


4 thoughts on “Insecurities

  1. pixiecake says:

    Ok. rosypop. Do not ever think you are not pretty, you are. Do not ever think you are not clever, you are. Do not ever think you are not good enough, you so are! Love pixiecake xxx


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