New Year’s Resolutions!

Hello everyone! I know I still don’t have any readers so at the moment this blog is at a writing-a-diary-sort-of-blog stage. However if you are reading this be sure to check out my amazing friend’s blog called: PIXIECAKEBLOG

SO…hence the title I am going to list my five New Year’s Resolutions:

I know this is a bit late but oh well *laughing emoji*!

  1. STOP caring about what others are think about you!

That one is probably the hardest. I have become sooo paranoid of what people think of me that it really did prevent me from being really me in public.

2. Get my panick attacks under control.

Recently, I have found out a few techniques to help with your panic attacks which I am going to blog about soon – I’m afraid you will have to wait to read that post *evil laughs*although will you want to read it? I really think not.

3. Eat less chocolate!

Well that’s definitely a one I doubt I’ll keep! In the X-mas hols I nearly got anorexia which I know I am speaking quite openly about but I did not get it so i feel like it has not affected me too much. It’s quite scary because I started eating less thinking that I was eating too much when I really wasn’t. But gladly, my nan noticed and stopped me before I actually got it. So I am forever thankful to my grandparents.

4. Concentrate on learning/revising/school rather than the online world.

I feel like social medias have become a bit like a drug to me last year. So I’m gonna give it a go and have like a timetable for when I am allowed to use it. I sound like a parent. Don’t I? And yes okay that is probably a lie because although I am an organised person I’m not an organised freak – no offence to those who make timetables for when you are allowed to go online. I really hate saying no offence because it’s like “Well I am offended soo..” but that was a bit of a joke and I am probably making this more of a deal than what it actually is so I’ll stop now yeah.

5. Finally, I want to forget about the downs in the past and start anew. I keep being tortured by these past memories and I need to let go. 2016 is a new year, a fresh start, like a fresh page in a notebook.

SO that’s it my New Year’s Resolutions done! I will keep you updated on how I am managing!

What are your top five New Year’s Resolutions? I would love to hear in the comments below!

Lots of love,

Rosypop – going back to the ‘real’ world xxx


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