50 things to do before you’re 15!

Hello lovely readers,

My friend once had this list and it was something like this! I love these things! I get really satisfied when I am able to tick things off and this is the perfect thing! So settle down and here we go!

  1. Hug/kiss a boy – brothers don’t count!
  2. Write a letter to a friend you haven’t seen in a while.
  3. Watch a pretty sunset.
  4. Visit Australia.
  5. Be able to do all three splits!
  6. Make a big breakfast for your family.
  7. Get a signed book.
  8. Get a proper camera.
  9. Swim in clear blue water.
  10. Visit Miami!
  11. Sleep under the stars
  12. Get at least 8 A*
  13. Learn how to cook the basic stuff (other than desserts 🍰)
  14. Do a front flip on a trampoline
  15. Learn the capital cities of 20 countries.
  16. Get at least 10 followers on this blog.
  17. Meet a celebrity
  18. Go on a date
  19. Have a full out pamper night!
  20. Point up to the sky and see how many people look up
  21. Read a book in a different language
  22. Wear heels – and be able to walk in them 😉
  23. Tick off all of my New Year’s Resolutions
  24. Knit a jumper
  25. Get a credit card
  26. Spend the most memorable birthday EVER! 🎉
  27. Learn to swim – well…
  28. Be a bit braver with what I wear
  29. Make a message in a bottle and throw it in the ocean
  30. Learn how to surf
  31. Fight at least one of my fears
  32. Learn all the rules about driving
  33. Learn how to drive
  34. Read 10 books 📚
  35. Get a dog
  36. Get a parrot
  37. Make my own recipe
  38. Exercise once a week
  39. Play tennis
  40. Donate to a charity
  41. Watch a sunrise
  42. Drink no alcohol
  43. Don’t smoke EVER
  44. Make new friends
  45. Wear more skirt & dresses
  46. Go on a really crazy ride!
  47. Manage my anxiety
  48. Go without watching TV for a month
  49. Go skiing
  50. Go to Cadbury’s Chocolate Factory
  51. Ride a zip line
  52. Learn how to do a really cool hairstyle
  53. Come into school with plaits for a week
  54. Ride in a hot air balloon
  55. Don’t break a bone

Okay I went a little bit overboard and did 55! That’s a looong list! Hope you enjoyed this little (and very long) post!

Lots of Love,

RosyPop xxx


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