How to: Deal with past friendship problems?

Dear readers,

I think we all have experienced something awful in the past. Awful things tend to happen a lot! Sometimes they’re friendship problems, sometimes they’re family problems. But it always sticks in your head – even if you don’t want it to!

I think the hardest thing is when you can’t get over a past problem. When it keeps you trapped in that same moment for such a long time…and you can’t seem to forget about it – as much as you want to!

Dealing with the past is probably the hardest thing I’ve had to deal with EVER! If you think about it: Life is like a bicycle. You’ve got to keep moving on otherwise you will fall. This can really relate to past problems.

If it’s a friendship problem here’s my advice:

Next time stop the argument as soon as possible. Just don’t say anything. My fingers were always itching to type something horrible back when the argument is online! But don’t. You know that a person is hurt when they’re silent. Secondly,  hold your head up high smile and put on that I-don’t-care-look. Trust me the thing your ex friends 😤 want to see is you in a deflated, depressed state. Don’t let them!

After you did that, find other friends. I feel like friends are divided into three categories:

  1. Best Friends
  2. Good but not best friends
  3. Literally just people in your class that you’re friendly with!

Find friends from option number 2 and become better friends! I mean something always good comes out of an argument you get the opportunity to strengthen you friendship with others!

TIP: Don’t depress you ‘new’ besties cause people get easily put off. Don’t say something like “Let’s laugh at them when we go past.” When you’ve just become friends. A lot of people don’t like to get into an argument so wait until you’re really close & you know they will be on YOUR side no matter what!

Ways if revenge: 😂 I know revenge isn’t very nice but it’s a good lesson to the ones that hurt you. My trusty revenge tip is to post loads of pics of you and a new friend on any social media you own. AND NOT JUST POST BUT bombard everyone with pics! 😉

Last thing: Smile when you’re around them. As hard as that sounds ☺! Knowing that they didn’t ‘hurt’ you will make them feel annoyed that you are having such a good time when they probs aren’t!

This blog is already so long that I’m going to do a ‘How to: Deal with family problems” separately! 😜



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