Hello lovely readers,

Today I am doing a collab with ‘pixiecake’. Basically we are both doing a blog post about stereotypes. This was her idea, and I have to say a pretty good one! So all the credits go to ‘PIXIECAKEBLOG’!

So let’s just start by actually making it clear what stereotypes are!

TOP DEFINITION – not my definition (just saying)
A stereotype is used to categorize a group of people. People don’t understand that type of person, so they put them into classifications, thinking that everyone who is that needs to be like that, or anyone who acts like their classifications is one.
Stereotype for Goths are black clothes, black make-up, depressed, hated by society.
I H.A.T.E stereotypes ! I personally don’t hate English teacher said that she used to be a Goth in school. Do I hate her? No.
Stereotypes result in basically, ‘biased’ thinking. Stereotypes allows your brain to make a snap judgement based on immediately visible characteristics of a person you meet. Personally, I really hate that.
How are we allowed to judge a person, without knowing them? Isn’t it awful to look at a person and say, ‘Oh they must be a the one-that-does-not-fit!’ just by how they look or their skin colour or something else about them. Sadly we do not tend to judge a person by their personality – not straight away…
It’s like this girl in my primary school. Her teeth weren’t exactly ‘straight’ and didn’t really make her look ‘attractive’. But so what? When I first joined that school she was really kind to me and then I found out that nobody liked her. But that’s just full out mean. I wish I could go back in time and stick with her. Cause I allowed by brain to make this quick decision about a person I didn’t know very well…
Thinking back I feel really awful. How can anyone do that to a person? My dad once told me that a really ‘big’ girl that went to his school was always teased. She suddenly became really insecure about everything that she did and how she looked…He then told me that he met her not that long ago and she looks stunning! Better than anyone else he knows – except my mum.
In all likelihood, you will not actually realize that your behaviour is any different. But the chances are you’ll turn away slightly from him or her, be a bit less talkative, avoid eye contact, stand a little further away, smile a lot less…
Does that matter, you might ask? Of course it does…The ‘victim’ of prejudiced thinking is going to work it out at some point and that may well make him/her a lot less certain of themselves, way less confident, and worst of all…sad.
So guys, please can you all just stop and think. Is it nice that we all jump to conclusions so much? Why can’t we base our opinions on our own judgements – and not stereotypes? I don’t even know why. I know I do it a lot, but recently I have been changing my opinions.
So this is about a friend of mine. We argued and it really hurt – both of us, not just me. Now she’s in a different friendship group. I have lost her and a different person in our friendship group, I am going to call her Waite…I’ve still got my best friend on my side but I used to fill cold towards my other friend. However, I asked myself a question. Why do I hate her? All I could think was because of the argument. However we both did something to make that happen. So then I realized she’s still my friend. If we were fiends once then there must be something that triggered our friendship to happen. So now I’ve finally accepted the fact that I can’t judge that person by the stereotype of ‘mean friends’. Just because she made one mistake doesn’t mean I can’t give her a chance. Weirdly, after a lot of thinking I can’t imagine fully entrusting my secrets to anyone but her. So I guess that shows something.
Guys that’s just talking about people in your class and your frenemies. But it gets way more serious than that! Stereotypes are capable of keeping people out of a job or commonly – a position of power. It’s a bit like racism to be fair. Only people are less aware of the fact that they jump to conclusions.
 Visit to see what people might think about you based on stereotypical thinking. Let’s see if it’s true!
I really wish that you all, make sure that all of your opinions aren’t ‘biased’. Ask yourself a question like I did. Give people a second chance, like I did. We all make mistakes and stereotypes is one of them.
Thanks for reading this post, that was quite a LOT to read!
Lots of love,
Rosypop going  back to the ‘real’ world xxx

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