Supporting a friend


This is an important blog to read if you are like me – a perfectionist!

By being a perfectionist I’m talking being really unhappy if you get 14/15 in a Spanish test. Yep..that’s me!

When I do not get the grades/score that I like, but my friend(s) do, my perfectionism kicks in as well as annoyance at myself.

So as I really think about it I can never be fully happy when my friend gets/does something better than me. I have been really struggling with that! 🙂 But I think the greatest of friends will be able to be happy for their friends when they should be!

So I have made a little sort of list of what I should do when my friend achieves something great:

I know it sounds silly & childish but I just always feel like that!

SO 1. Whether you’re feeling annoyed, sad or a bit jealous of your friend whe: congratulate them, put on the best smile you can put on and make them even happier! I know you probably think they’ve got enough happiness as it is but just add to their special moment! You can never have enough happiness!

2.  Don’t go being like ‘Ughh I got an awful score, I am so bad’ – something I do a lot! That is selfish because you’re not letting your friend enjoy their moment, instead you are ruining it! Don’t.

3. Well if you are unhappy about something like a test result, rather than ruining you friend’s moment, realize that your problem is YOURS and yours alone! So do something about it! Revise more, or even ask your friend HOW they did the questions you got wrong and make sure you understand WHY you got something wrong! I always tend to forget (purposefully) about any failures of mine straight away! When really I should be trying to understand what my weakest areas were and then improve on them.

Gosh I sound like those teachers in assembly, don’t I? I hope you’re not in that I’d-rather-sleep mood!

Hope you liked my little ramble!

Lots of Love,

Rosypop xx


2 thoughts on “Supporting a friend

  1. pixiecake says:

    I have the exact same problem! I always get jealous of my friends if they do something better than me. I can’t help it. Thank you for posting this, it has really helped.
    Sending love…
    pixiecake xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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