5 things I HATE!

So, I really like reading these small rambles so I have decided to do this post as well!

So thing No. 1: I HATE when you have a thought and then you loose it! *gets really frustrated at the thought of it* I just really hate that! Because no matter how many times you retrace your thoughts, you won’t remember what it is. It’s like your brain went and deleted a thought without your permission.

No. 2: When you think it’s Friday, but it is still Wednesday! Ugh!

No. 3: When somebody starts repeating the way you do things. Like your style of writing or something!

No. 4: When the public toilets are really REALLY dirty! *makes a disgusted face*

No. 5: When a place is really busy! You start getting really hot and your anxiety comes in- as if it’s not bad enough!

Okay, I hoped you liked this little post. What are your 5 things that you HATE?

Lots of love,

Rosypop xxx


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