Can you forgive AND forget?

Hello lovely readers!

I want to do this little post because I think we all have little arguments in our life. However, can we both forgive and forget? I’m going to try and discuss this in this post!

So, if you think about it it is actually a really hard question to answer. I think as time goes on you can probably learn to forgive. It will be really hard but at some point we all have to let go of our grudge and move on.

However, I am not very sure about the forgiving part…

I have to say an argument/or whatever hurt you must have been pretty serious if you actually do not know if you can forgive & forget. Most of the time I have small arguments but then I forgive straight away and forget about it! However, when you think about serious things, it is harder.

Big things that really hurt you leave little wounds not on the outside but inside of you. Those wounds take longer to heal than any other injury. People will not see that you are hurt because most people don’t notice the things that are going on inside of you. Unless you make a deal out of it and cry all the time, of course. *laughing emoji*

Those wounds will eventually turn to scars but the scars always stay with you. So I feel like as much as you would like to forget something and carry on, you will always remember what that person did to you. Every time you see them it will kind of be written on  their forehead. In other words, it is going to be harder to forget than forgive.

I remember several things from when I was really little, and a lot of those things tend to be when I got hurt a LOT! So I feel like the worst memories that you wish your brain deleted won’t delete because they were so emotional that they stuck with you.

Therefore, I think with time you can definitely learn to forgive a person, however, I don’t think you can really forget. Unless you have got a really bad memory of course! The fact that you cannot forget means that you will not be able to forgive them fully because that memory will pop up every time you see/think of that person! However, we have got to remind ourselves that we ALL make mistakes and we need to try to forgive them because personally I really want to be forgiven although sometimes I am not!

So as the famous phrase goes, ‘Treat others like you want to be treated’ that really applies to this little chat. So please keep that in mind, because as much as you want to NOT forgive a person, we would love to be forgiven ourselves wouldn’t we?

Lots of Love,

Rosypop xx


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