Making Choices

Hello everyone!

I’ve been wanting to do this post in a while! I think making decisions can be really hard sometimes. Whether it is deciding what you are going to name your dog, or what GCSE’s you are going to take – it can cause a little bit of stress!

So, today I am actually going to talk about the different decisions and  how to make them well, – with NO stressy fits 🙂

  1. When it’s making up a name, I think you’ll all agree that it’s way less stressful! Make it personal. You might have a name that you like or a nickname and just use that! I think some people, just cannot decide on a name because they think that it doesn’t sound as catchy as a famous name. For example: Zoella. It was really hard to decide on a name for this blog because I was like, “Oh no it doesn’t sound good and ‘flowy’ like Zoella does!” Well guys don’t do that! As long as you’re happy with it there will be people that will too really like the sound of it!

TIP: Remember that you can always change a name if it’s something like a blog – although not a dog!

2. With other more serious decisions, like your GCSE’s (for those of you that don’t know, they are really important tests in Britain.) Firstly, look at the pluses & minuses of every subject/option! Then try and decide (roughly) what jobs you want to do. So if you are creative then go online and search up ‘Creative jobs’ or ‘Jobs that involve Design’ etc. I did that and discovered sooo many new jobs, that I didn’t know existed! For example a Graphic Designer.

If you can’t decide on a job, decide on an industry instead! If you REALLY cannot make the decision ask either your parent or friends (they both know you well) and they might guide you in the right direction! Nobody is expecting you to know for sure yet! Don’t you worry!

Then look at the requirements, payments and other info about that job/industry – so that you know that you can actually do that for a living!

There’s bound to be a website online telling you which subjects you’ve got to take in order to get that job!!!

So then with your GCSE’s or other list of options cross out the ones you are sure you hate and the ones that are not needed to get the job you want! Then choose at least one option you really like and you know you are going to enjoy doing. Then cross another one out! 🙂 Basically, carry on crossing things out until you have got the required amount of options left!

TIP: Although it is supposed to be your decision, I find doing it with a parent way easier because your parent(s) know(s) you very well and they can help you find that balance – that you need!

Here’s the little steps:

  1. Do some research.
  2. Stop & Think.
  3. Make a list – minuses & pluses.
  4. Talk to a friend/parent.
  5. Decide what to do.

There you go! Hope this helped in some way for those of you that need to make a decision!

Love you lots,

Rosypop xxx



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