It’s all about the memories & people!

Hey lovely readers,

Not that long ago I visited my home country – not going to say what it is BOAR!

The building there have spray paint on them, they are old and carbuncle (look I used a search-it-up word!) Basically, if I was not born there NOTHING would have made me visit that country!

This lead me to conclude an important thing. It is the people and the memories you make – not the actual place, that makes you love it! Of course this is an arguable statement & I do not mind if you think differently.

I love this quirky small village in Finland. Despite it having some of the BEST food there was not really anything else. However my dad and mum turned it into a really fun, memorable day! I’ve learnt that it does not matter what a place is like, whether it’s old and shattered or new with skyscrapers, what matter is the people that come with it! If you think about it, wherever you are you can make anything, LITERALLY anything enjoyable! Like in Finland, we found a frozen lake and did ice skating only we had our shoes on! Then we found a small house and a lovely women (who happened to speak English) invited us in and we had a really, really lovely day! So even though the appearance was not very promising of a good time, it turned out to be UH-mazing!

Another time I went to a museum in London. I went with an old friend (I’ll call her Indiana) and she knew everything about it and her mum worked there, so we could go to the little private corners that I did not even know about. So although the place was as exciting on it’s own, seeing & experiencing everything with Indiana made it ten times more exciting and fun! So I hope when you visit a place you spend it with super fun people and make many interesting memories.

Lots of Love,

Rosypop xxx


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