Hey everybody!

I just want to say I am feminist therefore I belong to a group of people who ‘share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve equal political, economic, cultural, personal, and social rights for women.’ I and a lot of others want to end this gender inequality – but to do so I need YOUR help!

Just one little thing: feminism is not ‘man-hating‘ or ‘anti-men‘ it is simply ‘the theory of the political, economic and social equality of the sexes.” Plus, I know that a lot of people have grown to hate the word itself, ‘feminism’…But why…why is this word a such uncomfortable one to say?

Personally, it makes me really happy to see this growing community of women – and men, who stand up for women’s rights.We probably all think that those Victorian times where women were treated poorly are over? NO.

Unfortunately, this still carries on. Yes you heard that right, it is the 21st century and quite a few women are still treated worse then men! The only difference between the Victorian era and the 21st is that we have technology *duh* and women are mistreated less (of course there are way more differences but these are just a few that I thought of!) But the the fact still remains – women are still mistreated!!!

I think it is right that women should be able to participate in what I’ll call the ‘decision making’ & politics of a country. I think it is right for women to be able to receive the same amount of respect as men. I think it is right for women to get paid the SAME amount as men. I think it is right that no matter what sex-group you belong to – you feel equal amongst others. I feel it is right that every young girl deserves to get at least a secondary education.

However you would think there is a country out there where all women can expect to receive all of these rights? But out of all of the 196 countries – not a single one offers all of these rights to all women…In no of the countries, all women cannot expect equality. Really, thinking about it – makes it even sadder that some people hate the word ‘feminism’ when it is such an important matter.

‘No country in the world can yet say they have achieved gender equality.’ – Emma Watson.

I already feel so lucky to be loved by my parents – although I was born a daughter, to be offered full education – although I am a girl, to not be assumed to go ‘less far’ in life because I am a female! I know it sounds absurd but some women cannot even be privileged to have the rights that I already have. I feel like…all haters of the word ‘feminism’, it is NOT the group of letters that matters, but it is the IDEA & ambition behind it! I hope you realize that!

A ‘stereotype’ of women might be ‘weak’, but by doing this we are showing that we are stronger! Imagine: that someday women EVERYWHERE  in the world will be treated right. That all women will have the ability to get good education and GOOD jobs. No job will be seen too ‘manly’ for a women to do. BOTH WOMEN AND MEN WILL BE EQUAL. I mean to be fair without women there will be no males & females, no children and no of a lot of things. 🙂 I know it might seem like a far -fetched idea of gender equality (at first), but trust me together we can really achieve this! And I can say for sure that if we do – and we definitely will- achieve this, it will be the best thing – by far!

Finally I would like to say that this is not just female’s problem, this is your problem too – men! You also worry, about not seeming too ‘manly’ in times when you are in need of that urgent help. You also have imperfections about being up to the standard of male stereotypes.

Both men AND women should know that they can be emotional. Both male AND female can be brave and strong. Both boys, girls, women, teens, men, the elderly can be HUMAN. You can cry, do what you want to do, because it is your right to be a human being and to experience the humanly emotions & rights. If we ‘stop defining each other by what we are not and start defining ourselves by what we are’ maybe one day gender equality will be achieved!

If you have been or now are a feminist, whether you are male or female, I and other feminists applaud you. You just might be a start and definitely a part of something that will finally make this achievable – and for this I applaud you.

Rosypop xxx


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