Things I regret NOT doing!

Hello lovely readers,

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR A 100 VIEWS!!!! *squeals* and *squeals again*!!! That is IN-credible! I am supposed to be taking a break from blogging (because I happen to have more posts than I expected) But I just could not, NOT post about this and thank you all *hugs the computer* and then *sends virtual hugs*!!! I cannot express through words how happy you have made me! If you saw me right now I would be jumping about, squealing with delight and laughing until my cheeks start hurting from that much exercise. Yes I know, my cheeks get a bit tired after a lot of smiling/exercise, they are as unhealthy and unsporty (if that’s a word…?!!?) as I am!

Anyway I thought that I’D try and make your cheeks hurt like you have made mine! I cannot explain how long this was saved as a draft and how much my fingers were itching to start typing again! It feels like words just keep flowing out of my fingers – in the most inconvenient places – like when I’m you-know-where! Gosh I sound like someone from HP again!

You know how teachers are always like ‘Go for it otherwise you will regret it!’Well I never really listen you know? Sadly, as a result I have missed out on a lot of things that I wish I would have done. Note: There are so many that I do not remember all of them! So…

No. 1: Being scared of doing things! I remember that time when I got the chance to go on a ride on a helter skelter but i was scared so I did not go. However the next time I was persuaded to do it and as scared as I felt going up the steep stairs with massive gaps (did I mention having to carry a bloody heavy mat?) The ride was a 100% worth it! Although heights is my biggest fear – I was so happy that I fought it and had a really good time! So guys do not be scared! Everything’s worth a try! – even if it will turn out to be awful!

No. 2: Not trying harder with my studies! This is such a typical one – but it is true! I remember how I always wasted my time procrastinating and being in that I-cannot-be-bothered-to-do-this mood! Obviously, your preparation reflects upon your grades/score! And I know I carry on doing this as much as I regret not preparing properly when I get a piece of work back with the lowest grade ever imaginable!

No.3: Not listening to my parents EVER! I know, I know I’m awful for doing that and this is why I regret it! The thing is..well the infuriating truth is that most of the things your parents say is true! And THAT is a major lesson I have learnt in my life!

No. 4: Caring too much about what others think! Again this is a typical one. I remember how I used to – and still do start tantrums because I’m not happy with what I have to wear. I have these beautiful flower print jeans (from GAP) but when I wore them I kept hiding cause I was embarrassed of how I looked. I feel like my T-shirt is never long enough, so it is not covering my legs, so people can see how fat they are. It might sound funny but when you’re experiencing it’s not. I remember how my mum found me hidden behind a shop at the train station trying to pull down my T-shirt & plus I was crying! Seriously! I think overcoming this insecurity of what others think about me is going to be the biggest challenge in my life – for sure!

No. 5: Never taking a big risk! I know it can relate to No. 1 BUT it is so true! I am such a worrier that taking a big risk is not a possibility. I mean that’s like extra things to worry about is it not? It is but it is worth taking a big risk even if you fall flat on your face – It will be nice to reflect and be proud that you gave it a go!

No. 6: One last little cheeky one! Not being grateful enough. I mostly forget to be grateful. Especially to my mum. She has shaped my world and supported me every little step of the way. And I always forget to simply stop and say thank you – even if there is no reason. We always forget how grateful we really should be to our parents. When I think about it I actually really hate myself for not doing that. I wish that you all remember to do it before it is too late… WARNING: Please don’t cry. 🙂 By the way this also applies to friends! They too help you live your life don’t they?

SO that is it for now! See you after my little break and hopefully you enjoyed this post!

Lots of Love,

Rosypop xxx


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