My ‘bad’ habits

Hello everyone,

Today, I have decided to write a small, rambly post!

Right, so do not worry, I DO NOT smoke, drink etc.! However, I think every single person has their ‘bad’ habits or things that people find annoying about them! So here are just some of the things that others find annoying about me (and I do too) :

  1. I always start doing things and NEVER finish doing them!
  2. I never think before I act – do you ever find yourself being like, ‘OH whyy did I just do/say that?!?’
  3. I am an incredibly LAZY person. I never want to do anything unless someone really makes me do it (by shouting) 🙂
  4. I always leave piles of things everywhere. You know when you have to do house chores? (if you don’t you’re very lucky) Well, I never seem to get it done! I leave little piles of things everywhere AND in my head it’s an organized ‘mess’ – whereas how my parents see it, is as a complete mess!
  5. I never have the will-power to stop doing something (like eating chocolate for example.) SO, I always look up at people who are able to say no things! Keep doing that, and maybe one day I will finally be able to resist eating chocolate a.k.a Nutella!

I know this was quite short, however I enjoyed asking people what they hate about me! I would love to know what YOUR ‘bad’ habits are – maybe I’m not the only weird one in this world!

Lots of Love,

Rosypop xxx


5 thoughts on “My ‘bad’ habits

  1. beraeth says:

    I always start new things and rarely commit (oops). By the way nice blog 😁 I’ve just joined wordpress and I’m not quite sure what to expect when my post goes up this weekend


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