32 life-hacks!

Hey guys,

#1 – The trick to untying a knot is to twist the loose end as much as you can and to push it through the knot.

#2 – Roll your clothes! I never knew that rolling your clothes instead of folding actually takes up less space!

#3 – Run a post-it note through your keyboard before throwing one away, that way you can clean your keyboard by running the sticky side between the rows!

#4 – Freezing water. When you want to have ice cold water with you, fill it with water the night before, turn it on it’s side and put in the freezer. Then in the morning take it out and fill it with normal water. That way you will have cold water on-the-go!

#5 – If your keys are too similar, paint them with nail polish so that you can tell them apart.

#6 – Wake up after your alarm clock goes off! Don’t oversleep! That extra 10 – 15 minutes will make you feel more groggy and less ready to to tackle the day!

#7 – Have you ever got annoyed at the fact that your wrapping paper never stays in place?Cut a toilet roll through the middle and wrap it around wrapping paper to keep things in place!

#8 – The next time you use a microwave to re-heat your food, make sure you don’t put food in the middle, because the middle will stay cold! So the heat will only spread evenly if you put your food around the middle of the plate.

#9 – Clean when you are depressed! It will distract you and make you feel like you have achieved something when you’re done!

#10 – To fit two bowls at once into a microwave, place one bowl on top of a cup – so it sits higher than the other! How easy is that?!

#11 – Remove strawberry those pesky stems with a straw! Simply insert a straw into the bottom of a strawberry and push it up.

#12 – Eat snacks with chopsticks 0r…straws! This just simply won’t get your fingertips messy!

#13 – Stick recipes to your stove so that you won’t get the recipe all sticky!

#14 – Want your music to play much louder? Just put it into a plastic/paper cup and it will play music 10 x louder!

#15 – If you’re on a first date and you suddenly forget their name, just take them to Starbucks!

#16 – If your shoes stink, just put a tea bag inside each shoe and then it will smell UH-mazing!

#17 – If you are painting your nails and you need to dry them quickly just dip them into icy cold water and they will dry super quickly!!!

#18 – Want to lose weight? Just simply don’t eat anything 4 hours before you go to bed!

#19 – Fill a jar with all the good things that happen to you. Next year you can read all the little notes and appreciate the good things that happened.

#20 – If the quality of your Netflix streaming is poor, just press Ctrl + Shift + Alt + S to change your buffer rate!

#21 – If you want to get a pretty manicure easily, simply stick little lines or patterns of tape on your nails and paint over. Then peel the tape off and it’s ready!

#22 – When you’re not sure what to get someone for Christmas/birthday, get them to guess what you ‘got them’. That way you’ll have a bunch of ideas!

#23 – If you cannot sleep, try this exercise: inhale for 4 seconds. Hold your breath for 7 seconds, exhale for 8 seconds. Repeat!

#24 – Any orange becomes easier to peel if you roll it first on the table!

#25 – Colouring is the best alternative to meditation. It helps relieve tension and remind you of childhood memories a.k.a simpler times!

#26 – If you’re craving a dessert after a meal – brush your teeth! NOTHING tasted good when you have a clean, fresh mouth!

#27 – Drink water straight after you are awake, this will instantly wake you up and it will clear your head!

#28 – To remove Sharpie from clothes: use hand sanitizer. Walls: use toothpaste/hairspray. Wood: rub in alcohol. Carpet: use white vinegar. Furniture: use milk. White board: use an eraser or a dry ease marker. Ceramics/glass: 1 part toothpaste + 1 part baking soda!

#29 – If you ever forget to wash your make-up brushes and you’re running  out of time then simply stick a bit of tape upside down (on a piece of paper) and wipe your brushes on the sticky side! Or you could use baby shampoo instead of expensive make up brushes cleaners!

#30 – If you blow dry your hair and you want to have more volume in your hair then blow dry it upside down!

#31 – If you have dark circles under your eyes, just freeze a spoon and place it under your eye until it warms up!

#32 – When writing an email, leave the ‘recipient’ blank, until you’re ready to send it. This prevents accidental emails.

Ha ha I was going to do 50 but I am sooo tired to do any more right now! But anyway I hope you enjoyed the 32 life-hacks! Thank you for reading this loong post!

Which of these life-hacks did YOU like the most?

Lots of love,

Rosypop xxx



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