What to do when you’re bored?!

Hello lovely readers,

I don’t know about you but I’m bored of being bored because it is really boring. And also I’m bored of being called boring because I’m bored. Do you get me?

So I have came up with a few ideas that might get rid of your (and my) boredom! These are just some silly, small things that you can do when your too lazy to leave the house and too bored to stay in your room!

However, before I tell you the fun things that I’ve thought of, I’m going to tell you the one thing you should not do when you’re bored! And that is: tell your mum. Because the first thing she is going to do is say: clean your room, or go do your homework OR go outside, get some fresh air! So that is why you come to ME for advice! 😂

#1 – Try seeing if you can lick your elbow! Not many people can do it! ☺️ (sadly, I can’t…)

#2 – Build a den! I don’t even have to explain this one, why wouldn’t you want to build a den? I personally consider myself a professional at building.

So don’t feel bad if your den isn’t as good as my den! 😎 It doesn’t have to be as good! Oh, forgot to mention, just make sure you have a password and then you can invite your friends! (I know… I’m a little bit weird.)

#3 – Pretend to be a spy for the day! I know, this sounds like one of those lame things but it’s actually really fun! Just observe everything about life…! 😎

#4 – Give your room a makeover! There’s loads of videos out there & it could be really fun, I absolutely love decorating things so if you’re quite creative you might like this idea.

#5 – Give yourself a bit of a ‘me’ time. Basically have an awesome pamper day!

#6 – Prank your family & friends! I just poured water all over my brother! I think he’s really annoyed…but he loves me really! 😉😜

#7 – You could watch every single *drum roll please* Christmas video/film/anything to do with Christmas.

#8 – Read Harry Potter (or watch)! Or just read a different book! Or watch a film!  Or listen to a book. You could totally do that, trust me your life will change! *wails* – I’m suddenly thinking about the part where Dobby dies…

#9 – Create a blog! This is the most obvious one, but it’s really fun and you should all totally do that!

#10 – Lately, I’ve tried to get rid of a lot of yellow stuff from my bedroom and my wardrobe.

Guys, I love minions but I’ve realized that I need to back off with the obsession a little bit.

That is because I’ve noticed that I started wearing yellow a lot, and it made me think…

…I am becoming a minion.

And that kind of scared me, so if you’re obsessed with anything (like I am) lets try and get back into this obsession in a few days – hopefully in a way that won’t make me (& you) want to become one!

So I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing this and what is your favourite idea out of the ones above?

Lots of love,

Rosypop xxx


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