20 (more) LIFE-HACKS!

Hello everyone,

Yep..that’s right, I am doing a life-hacks post AGAIN! That is purely because I intended to do 50 life-hacks in my previous post but only managed to do 32! And surprise surprise I got a huge brainstorm of more life hacks just as I clicked the ‘publish’ button! So there you go, 20 more life hacks!!!

#33 – before using an eyelash curler heat it up, DO THIS SAFELY and that will result in curlier eyelashes! WARNING: Please don’t burn your eyes! 🙂

#34 – You’ve all probably heard about this one: put your bobby pin in with the grippy (wavy) to the bottom of your scalp (so it’s not visible.) Also, spray some hairspray on it to make it stay in your hair for longer!

#35 – If you’re out of eye-liner just use mascara instead!

#36 – If you don’t have dry shampoo just use baby powder!

#37 – Put Vaseline on your neck before spraying perfume – this makes the scent last for so much longer!

#38 – If your mascara/eye-liner is dry put leave it in a cup of boiling water for 5 minutes! This will soften it up and it’s ready to use again!

#39 – If you have a nail polish and you can’t open it, just tie a rubber band around the lid and it will give you more of a grip!

#40- If your feet are really dry just put body lotion on them and some fluffy socks overnight! In the morning your feet will be lovely and soft!

#41 – Make a really easy lip scrub by using sugar and olive oil!

#42 – Use eye shadow & Vaseline/coconut oil to make a lipstick!

#43 – Painting a loose button with clear nail polish will stop it from unravelling (temporarily)

#44 – Smiling naturally apparently lifts the muscles in the face and slows down the rate at which we age 🙂

#45 – Next time you have a headache, eat at least 10 almonds as they are a good alternative to aspirin.

#46 – If you’re out of hair conditioner, coconut oil or argan oil are great alternatives!

#47- To get the knots out of your hair, just take all of your hair and start brushing from the bottom. This is just so you don’t tear your hair out of your scalp – PAIN FREE!

#48 – Open a bag of crisps (eew, I’m sorry I hate crisps) from the bottom because there’s more flavours that have sunk in there.

#49 – You know how, when you get out of the shower and the mirror is really blurry? And then you wipe it with your hand and it stays blurry? You can use a hair-dryer to unblurr (is that a word?!!) your mirror! Ta da!

#50 – if you have something important to remember, just take a photo of it and set it as your background on your phone – that way you will be reminded of it every time you go on your phone!

#51 – if you have dirty, white trainers/converse just get nail polish remover and dab it on your shoe!

#52 – I cannot really think of anything else, but having your make-up wipes/remover, hand cream or any other essentials near your bed (all the time) will help you when you get really lazy… and when you’re in that I-can’t-be-bothered-to-get-up mood!

Anyway, I hope you really enjoyed this post and feel free to comment down below saying which of the hacks you find most useful!

Also, if you haven’t seen my other life-hacks post check it out at: https://rosypopblog.wordpress.com/2016/01/15/31-life-hacks/

Rosypop xxx








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