How to: be Health(ier)

Hello lovely readers,

Today I am writing this post (as you can probably see)…………great start to a post is it not?

Anyway, before I continue I have to say, I am by no means healthy. However, how I interpret the word healthy is, someone who’s ‘in a good physical and mental condition’. And you won’t be in a ‘good physical condition’ if you always eat food high in calories or never exercise! (hmmm…I think I do that – a LOT) But an important part of being healthy is that motivation and it’s hard to stay motivated when you see a salted caramel cupcake with thick frosting… I think motivation to at least resist chocolate is already a good start (by my standards it is anyway :)) So here is something that might motivate you:

So, when you eat chocolate (or some other un-healthy food) the scrumptiousness will only last for a minute or so. Am I right?

And then it’s gone, it’s almost like you’ve never eaten it. The only things that you get from eating something delicious but unhealthy is the nice taste (that only lasts for a considerably small amount of time) and the calories…

————————–time to think about it—————————-

So, the next time you’re tempted to eat something you know you shouldn’t really. Just think about it. What am I going to get from it? Is it really worth it? Because, it will only last you about a minute…

I’m not saying don’t eat anything nice, it’s okay to have cakes sometimes, but if you have a problem like me (when you can’t resist not eating something)…then I hope this helps!

I just read back on what I’ve written and I sound like a really greedy person (food-wise) *awkward laugh*

Am I the only one who loves food so much? And please comment down below if this helps or if you have any other motivation tips! *virtual hugs*

Lots of love,

Rosypop xxx




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