Those awkward moments…

Hey guys,

Another day, another post! So I thought, why not write about those awkward moments that every girl understands!

~1~ When you see something photogenic and you want to take a picture of it…and suddenly you see something not photogenic at all…yourself

Hopefully, I’m not the only one who’s had their camera turned around (I don’t know how to explain it) so that instead of seeing those pretty flowers that you were about to take a picture of, you see your own face…and unless you have a beautiful face (not me) that won’t be a nice thing to see…Oooh that rhymed! – me and see…get it? No? Okay…*walks away*

~2~ When there’s people over at your house that you don’t really know well and you go and quietly hide in your room. *forgets there’s people over* then you decide to go and fetch yourself a snack and…you realize you’re trapped there.

~3~ You know when you have a song stuck in your head? Or this video that you want to re-watch? And you just cannot remember what it is called…And you try and search it up online and it goes something like this:

“babyyy babyyy ooh yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaOYAo sssorrryryy”

and you don’t find it…I wonder why…..

~4~ When you’re talking to a person that you don’t know well and then you see something…They’ve got lipstick on their teeth or their jeans-zip-thingy-is-unzipped…(hurrah word knowledge skills!) And you’re like, how am I supposed to tell this person?

~5~ When your friend tells your mum something she did NOT need to know…

~6~ When your eyes water and everyone suddenly thinks you are emotionally unstable…this alwaaays happens to me…:)

~7~ When you’re walking and you think you see your friend and you start shouting their name and waving and then they turn around…and you’re like, ‘uh oh’ *red-in-the-face*

~8~ Forgetting you are in public…I sometimes walk along the street and start singing and then realize that there’s people around me…

~9~ When you’re caught staring…AWKWARD…I never notice that I’m staring and I only do when they stare back and I just go bright red in the face…

~10~ Not listening when you should be…and then you say something like ‘Cool, have fun!’ when you should say, ‘Aww it will be okay.’ and then the person you were talking to is like, ‘Okayyyyy, thanks’….Guys please try to avoid this one especially if you have sensitive friends!

So I hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to comment down below your awkward moments, so that I can read them all *mwahaha* That sounds soooo mean…I’m sorry but that’s…me 🙂

Lots of love,

Rosypop xxx




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