Hello everyone,

So, today I’ve decided to write about those embarrassingly embarrassing times that we aaall have! Me in particular – I have TOO many.. 🙂

1 – You know when you get into a row with someone and storm out of the room? Right, so you slam the door of your bedroom intending to stay there until someone feels sorry for you and comes to apologize. And then… You realize that you left your phone or something that will keep you un-bored in that room OR that you need to go to the bathroom…SOOOO you have to open the door (that you slammed a minute ago) and go back, bright red in the face knowing that you’ve lost the fight.-because you now seem silly..*a minute of silence to appreciate how embarrassing that is*…

2 – So the sun is shining, it’s a ‘dazzling’ day and you are walking down the street. You are really happy…until you realize that everyone that you pass starts staring at you.. You are trying to work out what is wrong until someone has to go up to you and tell you that you have toilet paper stuck to your shoe OR something else utterly embarrassing…And you’re like oh…whyyyyyyyyyy? And suddenly the sun’s not shining at all and you wish that the ground would literally swallow you up. And that toilet paper didn’t exist at all.

3- So we probably all have that competitive side to us that appears when we want something…Yep I am incredibly competitive..it’s just written all over me. So just imagine a  small stubborn girl that was in this musical theatre performance. Five girls (including me) were chosen to starr in this performance. We all needed pillows for the performance and I picked the cutest and the’unbeatable’ one and being me (with the best pillow and all) I was really happy.

Sooo, we were standing backstage ready to go, there was excitement in the air, my mum was there, my dad was there, I was giddy with happiness (and nervousness)…and then I realize……where’s my pillow?!….

And then I see it…In the arms…of a fellow classmate..Like that was NOT okay…I repeat: it was NOT okay. You know when a kettle starts boiling? That was me when I saw the pillow…

There I am with like a minute to go till the play starts, I am pillowless and what do I do? I fight her… Out of all of the sensible options out there I chose to fight because to me it seemed like a Pillow Ownership War I. In the end, I caused such a commotion that I wasn’t allowed to participate in the play at all and I was sent home still pillowless 🙂 

4 – So we all probably have got into arguments. And once I was arguing with my mum and we were kind of having a screaming match – well my mum was probably trying not to laugh and was making me feel like I was actually getting somewhere. I don’t remember much but what I do remember is that in the middle of the argument I realize that I’m wrong, I’m so, so wrong…Realizing that you’re wrong in the middle of the argument is a pretty dramatic thing to have to experience, especially for a 5 year old that I was. And not knowing what to do is a second bombshell that I didn’t know how to deal with. Soo, I saw this glass table in front of me. I looked at my mum. I looked at the table. I looked at my mum and the table again. And then I SLAM the table as hard as I can and turn around to walk away.. But then I realize something. Because the table is making a lot of noise for a table that has been ‘slammed’ once.

I turn around *slow motion* and I see glass that is shattering piece by piece…..So… I run away thinking that I’m going to be jailed for life and hide in my wardrobe waiting for what is about to come…While I’m at it, I put on my birthday dress to hide my evil murderer self…My mum obviously finds me to see if I’m okay and it’s all good. I didn’t get into jail. But then the 5 year old me liked to over-exaggerate!

Hope you enjoyed this post and what are your embarrassing moments?

Lots of love,

Rosypop xxx


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