My ‘death’ will :)

Hello guys,

So I’ve been thinking (as you do) about the fact that if I had to entrust someone with my possessions, who would I give them to? So I came up with this ‘death-will-sort-of-thing’ and I hope you enjoy reading this!

  • So my bed will definitely stay with my brother as it is a bunk bed that he happens to use as well.
  • My clothes except underwear will go to charity unless my friend’s want some of it.
  • My books will too go to charity, unless my mum wants to keep some or my friends want any.
  • The books that have been signed by authors will stay in the family. I have three books that have been signed! *satisfied grin*
  • My laptop will go to someone in my family, I think my relatives tend to break their computers a lot 🙂
  • My phone will go to my brother (only when he turns 8 and a half years old – I know I’m very precise)
  • My jewellery will go to my mum. To be honest most of it has the first letter of my name on it – so if my step-dad-who-I-call dad (who’s name starts with the same letter that mine does) wants my earrings he’s free to use them! Not gonna lie, it’ll be very entertaining to see my dad wearing earrings…
  • My smelly stuff (as in candles & bath bombs – not….erm….disgusting stuff) will go to my friends, siblings, parents anyone really. My mum can decide.
  • My toys go to my brother or my half-siblings in Australia.
  • My photos go to my dad in Australia as a memory 🙂 – it sounds so sad, don’t worry I’m not planning on dying any time soon!
  • My Sharpie collection can got to my brother – hopefully he won’t draw on his clothes again though and then call it ‘pop art’.
  • My shoes can go to my friend who always complains that she has ‘no nice shoes’.
  • My food that I will sorely miss (once again I’m not planning on being separated from my food any time soon) can go to the poor people who are starving and my brother that seems to be eating 24/7.
  • My lovely bin that has come into handy, that stands in the corner of my room, can go to anyone who feels the need to dispose of some rubbish.
  • My make-up and skincare can go to my mum or friends! ♥ I’m really nice to my friends, am I not? (I’m equally as modest)
  • Anything else not mentioned will go to my family and be treasured forever and ever!

Done! 🙂 I hope you enjoyed this very strange and  …interesting (maybe not) post! What would you give to who if you had to give up all your possessions? Please let me know in the comments down below! *virtual hugs*

Lots of love,

Rosypop xxx


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