Valentine’s Day Food Ideas

Hello everybody,

As you’re probably aware it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow! I won’t be doing much but that doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy the day! So if you’re like me and you’re going to be all alone on Valentine’s Day then I have some food ideas to make your day more exciting!

Breakfast Ideas:

  1. You could cut out a heart shape in a piece of bread. Then literally put the bread on a pan and add an egg to the bread. Once it’s finished cooking you’ll end up with a piece of toast and…an egg…I can’t explain it!!! So here’s a picture instead:
  2. You could basically make pancakes and cut them out to make them look heart shaped. Just make things look heart shaped and you’re done!
  3. You could make french toast as well and decorate it with jam and/or make it ….HEART SHAPED! 🙂 It’s really easy to think of ideas because all you have to do is have the color red somewhere and hearts….

Lunch/Dinner Ideas:

  1. So you would have probably guessed by now what I’m going to say. You could cut out pizza to make it look like a heart! Isn’t that a great idea?…I can’t really think of any other Valentiney (if that’s a word) ideas so here’s a few pictures for inspiration:

Yummy Snack Ideas:

So this is where you can finally get creative! There’s just too much choice! I think the basic ideas are to create a red velvet cake or just decorate a cupcake with hearts and red icing!

  1. I love this idea because if you don’t have a heart shaped tin you could simply do this: I really love this idea because I feel like if you only have the basic circular and square tin, this is a nice way to make something look heart shaped without having to go to the shop to get a heart shaped tin. Plus you could do the same with pancakes and other things!
  2. I really love dark chocolate truffles! So you could make those and simply dip them in decorations and they will look really cute! I don’t know how to explain it..again!

Click here for the chocolate truffle recipe I used.

  1. Final idea. You can literally do anything and everything! You could just dip strawberries into chocolate or make heart shaped cookies. You could use two candy canes and put them together. Then pour chocolate in the middle and put that in the fridge and here’s pictures again because I cannot explain what you do:Image result for valentines day food

And that’s it! I hope you liked this post and thank you sooo soo soo much for reading this! I hope you found this helpful in any way and I’d love to find out if you’ve got any other ideas! *virtual hugs*

Lots of love,

Rosypop xxx

P.S: Sorry that I couldn’t explain what you do, I’m rubbish at explaining things! Xxx



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