My Pet Peeves

Hello everybody,

So today I am doing a normal post – as promised. Lately I’ve been doing sooooo many awards & tags which you can read here, I am currently in the process of writing more tags! So before I begin with today’s post, I just want to thank all of you who take their time to click that little ‘follow’ button because I’ve reached 50 followers!!!!!!!!!!! So thank you sooo sooo soooooo much! *virtual hugs*

Anyway before I start rambling, today I decided to write about my pet peeves because I’m sure we all have those little things that just really annoy us. I have quite a few…:)

#1 – I hate it when people sit next to you on public transports when there are several empty seats available.

#2 – When people say: ‘You know what I’m sayin’…’

Me: ‘No I don’t know what you’re saying!’

#3 – This is probably just me, but I hate it when people leave the toilet seat up. I mean I can live with it but seriously the smell gets so much worse! Oh and I also hate it when people don’t flush the toilet – especially if it’s a public toilet *gross*

#4 – When you open a DVD case and it is empty or a different movie is in it. I don’t really hate this, but this happens so often in my family that I now find it very annoying.

#5 – When you find a really nice item of clothing that you want and it’s got it in various sizes but not your size…I was buying a really nice Chritmas jumper however it didn’t have it in extra small or small so I had to buy a medium which went like past my knees…but then I don’t really mind when a Christmas jumper is a bit oversized so that was fine! 🙂

#6 – When somebody turns off the lights when you’re still in the room.

#7 – Drivers who switch on the turning-sign-thingy…(you know that light that starts flashing when a car is about to turn round the corner)(does that even make sense?!) Anyway, although I am not a driver myself – in fact I’m too young to drive – when I’m in the car with my mum and people show that they’re turning too late, I just hate it.

#8 – When people bite their nails, I know a lot of people do it but I get so annoyed when  I see someone doing it…and then some people leave a pile of nails afterwards – that is really gross.

#9 – When you’re with several people and you think that nobody saw that you tripped. But that one person who did see just has to point it out to everyone else.

#10 – When people kick the back of your seat.

So there you go, I hope you enjoyed this short post! Comment down below what your pet peeves are!

Lots of love,

Rosypop xxx

P.S: #11 – When you just publish a post and then think, ‘Should I add a picture?’




31 thoughts on “My Pet Peeves

  1. fibit says:

    The public transport thing is probably the worst. I also absolutely hate when I’m in a lift and someone comes in and makes tons of noise. Can they just be respectful that there are other people in the lift?!

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  2. Lucia R says:

    Loved this post!
    These are some of my pet peeves:
    When we’re studying at school and I can’t concentrate because the person next to me is talking out loud.
    When somebody scrapes a piece of chalk down the chalkboard.
    And another is when people eat with their mouth open!

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  3. theorangutanlibrarian says:

    haha great list- I have lots of pet peeves too (my two biggest ones are people mispronouncing “H”- saying haitch instead of aitch- using “myself” incorrectly and pronouncing scone the American way if they’re English :/ I realise all of this relates to pronunciation and grammar- pretty sure that says I’m a massive grammar nazi- oh well!) Also I hate when people kick the back of my chair- funnily enough, I literally had a dream about that last night!

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  4. eveshinecom says:

    that’s so true….while reading I felt like as if I have written this blog…all the points are so true….I hate people who talk on the top of their voice even if the person sitting next to them…and also those people who make noise while sipping a tea or coffee….

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