My Day In Oxford

Hello my lovely readers,

First of all, I am incredibly – and I mean it – sad (no worse – I am devastated) at the fact that the lovely pretty little blogger deleted her blog!!!! 😱😭 Noooo, if you’re reading this  I will miss it so much 😢

*5 minutes of crying*

Anyway – getting on with the post, I am actually unsure about what I’m going to be writing about – yet. 😊

I guess I’ll tell you about my day in Oxford! So be prepared as this is going to be a ‘diary-like-sort-of-post’!

Sunday, 31st January 2016 (I know this is from quite a while ago but I had this post saved in my drafts for ages so I thought I’d post it today!)

8:00 am – I woke up to the never-ending squeals and what seems like endless noises that my brother manages to ‘produce’ all the time – or mainly at the most inconvenient  of times. 😴 For example,when I am deep asleep! In other words, my brother always and I mean ALWAYS wakes me up with his irksome (ooh I used a posh word) noisy behaviour! I don’t understand how he manages to drag himself out of bed on a Sunday morning?!

*an hour later* okay maybe *several hours later*

I finally, managed to open my eyes (I know great start) 😂

Anyway, as my body seemed to start moving (note – my brain was indeed still sleeping), I sleep-walked into the bathroom and did the ‘morning things’ a.k.a brushing my teeth, having a shower, brushing my hair – basically making yourself look ‘decent’ shall we say! 💩

Then, when I felt just a little bit more awake, I walked to the kitchen and had the dilemma of choosing whether to make pancakes or French toast or both! Let me know if you’re more of a pancake or a French toast person in the comments down below 🙂 After asking several of my friends, I decided to make French toast for breakfast! But nothing goes quite as ‘smoothly’ when you are me and guess what??? I realized that I had no bread in my house to make French toast! 😂🎉🍞 I ALWAYS forget to check if I have the ingredients  first & I spent ages deciding on what to have as well…

So in the end I made chocolate pancakes, with a chocolate spread inside and a couple of blueberries on top! Mmmmm…deeelicous! I do love a good pancake 🙂

I laid out my plates on the dinner table and scrolled through my Instagram as I ate my breakfast (taking my time!)

When I finished eating, I realized that I had a Christmassy Peppermint Flavoured Hot Chocolate! Yummy! 🎅🎅🎅 Santa would have definitely approved of my hot chocolate! So using my ‘Santa’ excuse I had an extremely unhealthy but deeeelicous breakfast!

Anyway, then my mum announced that we were going to Oxford that day!!! Normally, when I find out that I have to go on a walk I wail endlessly and become very and I mean VERY grumpy 🙂 However, Oxford is one of the few places that I’ve come to love (hence why I’m writing about my day in Oxford!) So I got super excited and got ready straight away.

Next, we got into the car – because you have to if you want to go anywhere (unless you’re getting the train or the bus.) That was the stupidest explanation ever…Anyhow, from where I live it takes an hour to get to Oxford so that was the only part of the journey I was dreading. I get really bad car/motion sickness  and it can be really awful sometimes. It’s hard enough to get into a car because the smell of gasoline (is it even called gasoline?!) anyway, I basically find the smell of cars really overpowering. The car wasn’t even moving and I already felt sick. 😦

So when we were half way through the journey I felt extremely ill (because of my car sickness *duh*) and then I realized that I left my medicine-tablets-thingie at home…Ooops…I know medicine isn’t the only solution to car sickness. I try to avoid medicine as much as possible unless I really need it, but I felt so dizzy and sick that I really needed it. I’ve actually heard that almonds can also help (unless you’re allergic – which I’m not) so I will try that next time and let you know how it goes. But yeah…in the end we had to stop on the motorway and I had to get some fresh air and drank some water and it helped a bit.

Finally, after what seems like ages, we got to Oxford! I absolutely love this city and I just know every little inch of this beautiful place. So, to be honest I cannot really recall everything I did in Oxford (otherwise this post could become the length of a novel) so instead I’ll tell you about the things that I enjoyed doing the most:

So we went to the Ashmolean Museum and I’ve been there before so I didn’t really find it interesting. Okay this isn’t really something I enjoyed doing the most. I don’t know why but I just don’t enjoy trips to museums. Anyway, the museum actually terrified me! And that’s because it had bridges/corridors higher up in the building and the sides of the bridge-sort-of-corridor were made of glass. Plus, it had gaps. Now, if you don’t know me I am terrified of heights. And when I saw the gaps and how high we were up in the building (to be honest it wasn’t even that high) I just froze. And I couldn’t make myself cross the bridge-sort-of-corridor which should be renamed the health-and-safety-hazard-corridor-for-people-who-are-scared-of-heights (that’s a mouthful.) So yeah, in the end I did go through the corridor thing because I had to get to the other part of the museum but I did it with my eyes closed, not gonna lie.

So after the museum we just went on a walk, trying to spot all the little universities/colleges. And then we went to a second-hand bookshop and I loved it. I bought a couple of books and that was pretty much it. I will show you some pictures because I can’t really think of anything else to talk about!

(the picture of the Ashomolean museum above isn’t mine by the way – I forgot to take one of it)



This photo is quite bad but the flowers behind the fence were really beautiful so I attempted to take a photo! 

20160131_144722 (1)

This was a lovely little cafe on Rose Place street! 🙂 I had a pain of chocolate  pain of chocolat and a hot chocolate. I think I was obsessed with hot chocolate at the time – especially as it was very cold (I mean the weather was cold not the hot chocolate)!

So there you go! I only had a few photos but I hope you enjoyed reading this post anyway! I haven’t really done these kind of chatty posts before so let me know in the comments if you liked it!

Lots of love,

Rosypop xxx




25 thoughts on “My Day In Oxford

  1. notsoanonymousmermaid says:

    Oxford always looks so pretty, I really wanna go seeing as I don’t live too far away from their too i’m surprised I havent! Loved your photos and enjoyed this post x

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