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Hey everyone,

And I’m back with a yet another tag! I love this tag so thank you so much for tagging me, infinitmagic! Her blog is amazing so please go and check it out, I have to say infinitmagic‘s blog is one of my personal favourites so do go and check out her In The Shower Tag post because it is hilarious and I love it! Also this post was created by the lovely  Emily Sama so thank you for creating this tag, I am eternally grateful!!! It is a great idea.

So here are the rules:

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  • Optional: credit to creator (Thank you Emily!)
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As any other sane person, I’m pretty sure your thoughts in the shower are completely insane…

NOTE: In this post you will read the weirdest of thoughts.
Why. Is. The. Water. So. Cold. I could literally freeze to death. I should complain to the government. There is a high risk of people dying because the water is so cold. Why haven’t the NHS fixed the freezing-to-death epidemic yet?! It’s as cold as it is in Alaska – not that I’ve been to Alaska. Wait is Alaska in Finland? Or is it in Lapland? Is Lapland a country? Or a city? Where does  it snow a lot? Oh I don’t know. *gives up*
Oh! The water is starting to get warmer. I wonder if this is what global warming feels like. Hmmm…yeah perfect temperature. *5 seconds later* OH NO NO NO NO NO! TOO HOT! How do you turn off the water?! Police help me! Wait no, who stops the water from being hot? Ohhhh, I get it! I saw this advertisement about people who fix your gas boiler things! I should call them. I should complain to the government. People might die because they could get boiled alive when the water is hot.
Water is an unpredictable, dangerous thing. That must be why I hate water. *shock horror*
I need to call 999 or 911 or whatever it is. This is a life and death situation. Why can’t you text 911/999? What if you’re in a situation where you can’t make noise and you can’t text 999/911?! That is stupid. I need to complain to the government!
I think I’m dangerous. Because I have water inside me. Oh no. Maybe I shouldn’t call the police and the ambulance after all. Otherwise they’ll arrest me because I have water inside of me. What kind of scientist thought of putting water inside of us?! They should get arrested. I need to complain to the government. 
Did I hide my phone? Oh no. What if the phone accidentally calls the police?! What if I didn’t hide it and my dad found it and he calls the police? Oh no. What if my brother is on my phone?! NOOO – disaster struck!
*gets out the shower to hide her phone* Phew. I just saved my day. I should be a policewoman one day, so that nobody can arrest me.  And so that then I can arrest water myself.
I wonder if my voice sounds weird in the shower. *starts singing* Eww I sound like a frog. Maybe I should audition for the frog version of The Voice or even better the frog version of the X-Factor. Yes I should.
I could win the Grammy Award. Why is it even called that?! It sounds like the word ‘granny’. 
”Thank you! Thank you so much! I’ve finally won a Granny!” *applause* Wait clapping is literally hitting yourself because you like something. WAIT if I hit myself and it hurts does that make me strong? No. Okay, I don’t think I really want a Grammy any more…
OMG I’ve just realized that metal music is called metal because *dun dun dun* it’s heavier than rock!!!! Wow, I’m a genius. I should win the Nobel Cleverness Prize – or whatever it is Isaac Newton got. Wait did the Nobel Prizes even exist back then?! I don’t even know England’s history.
I feel really sorry for my great great great great grand-children (not that I know them) because history lessons are going to take longer and will become harder as time goes on – poor them.
Oooh I’m so old (okay maybe not). OMG my age is the amount of laps I’ve done around the sun!!! Woah that’s plenty of exercise so I don’t understand why we have to do exercise at school. Ugh.
Why do young people drive like they have limited time and old people drive like they have plenty of time? Where is Isaac Newton when I need him to answer my questions?…
Also, why do some people say ‘Oh this is so easy, a child could do it.’ Because for technology, it should be updated to ‘So easy a parent can do it.’ 🙂 
Ugh. I have my science homework that I need to do when I get out of the shower. That’s why I should take even longer – I am a genius! *gets more comfortable*
I don’t understand pie charts. Firstly why are they called pies when they’re totally inedible? Like when you’re doing maths and you have to do a pie chart you just get hungry. Stupid.
OMG the Japanese flag could literally be a pie chart of how much of Japan is Japan!
I wonder what’s for dinner. Oh I think it’s tuna fish. Ew. Why do people say ‘tuna fish’ and they don’t say ‘chicken bird’ or ‘ant insect’?! That is so illogical. 
Wait, what day is it? How long have I been in here? I wonder if there are any times on the clock that I’ve never seen. Have I seen the time 10:16 am on the clock before?
Anyhow, I don’t understand how it’s physically possible for humans to have a shower in 30 minutes. I take an hour , no actually I take longer….Okay I should get out now.
*rinses and washes*
*gets out*

So there you go! I hope you liked this post and I tag YOU yes you (*sighs* because so many people have said this.) Anyway thank you for reading this extremely weird post *virtual hugs*

Lots of love,
Rosypop xxx

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