Goals ♥

Hello lovely readers,

So I thought I’d do a #ThrowbackThursday and show you my old post which I’ve edited a bit.

I hope you enjoyed my last post on Feminism – I have to say it was quite a ramble to read! So well done if you managed to read it all!  ♥ Also, a tremendous thank you to all who helped me reach 90 followers!!! Aaaah! *many virtual hugs*

So, I think pretty much everyone has goals in their life. So I would love to know what yours are in the comments down below!

Goals, can be anything as getting a job you love, or achieving a certain amount of good grades! And here are mine:

  1. Seeing gender equality in my lifetime.
  2. Enjoying the job that I will later on choose – you know the phrase ‘ you will never have to work a day in your life as long as you do something you enjoy’?
  3. Fight my insecurities *ugh, why-were-insecurities-invented face*
  4. Try hard in school, tests etc.
  5. Appreciate the people around me – you never really know how much you need a person until you lose them do you?

So I know this was a short blog post but I hope you liked my blog post and remember all goals are achievable as long as you believe that you can do it. I know that is the classic thing that everyone says, but it is true. As long as you don’t stop believing and stop doubting yourself it will happen – TRUST ME!

Lots of Love,

Rosypop x♥x

Email me: rosypopblog@gmail.com


18 thoughts on “Goals ♥

  1. averagegirlxx says:

    Well done on 90 followers that’s amazing!🎉 You deserve every one of them you’re blog is amazing and you’re so lovely too:) My goals are to get 100 followers in my blog and get a good result in my leaving cert in school and then have a job I love doing.

    Liked by 1 person

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