My Morning Routine

Hello everyone,

So a few of you requested this post a while ago now and I’ve finally got round to doing it (yay) – to be honest my morning routine isn’t interesting at all .


06:20 AM – *alarm goes off*

Morning is not my favourite part of the day.

attempt to get up straight after my alarm goes off 🙂 getting out of bed is a daily struggle for me.

But, most of the time I just stare at my alarm clock, wishing I could control it with my mind…then I attempt throwing things at it to switch it off.

I then give up and go and switch it off (I actually keep my phone at the other end of my bedroom so that I’m forced to get up.) Also, I drink some water because I find that it clears my head and wakes me up.

Next I go to the bathroom & brush my teeth because for some reason I just can’t start the day if my teeth are unbrushed (is that a word???!) Then, I wash my face and stretch (I know I’m weird) I just like to stretch in the morning cause it makes me feel more…awake I guess.

Then I sit on the floor next to my heater and wait for my school/day clothes to get warmer (because I’m freezing in the morning) and then I quickly change into my school uniform or any other clothes (depending on what day it is.) I don’t really feel comfortable in my  pyjamas after I’ve gotten out of bed. 🙂

Then it’s food time (my favourite part of the day!) Normally, if I don’t have a lot of time I will eat porridge (ew). My mum always makes it and she gets up earlier than me so there’s always porridge left for me to eat. I eat porridge in ridiculously small amounts literally one spoonful (because I hate it) but it fills me up for the day which is weird.

After I’ve eaten my porridge, I make myself some tea (I LOVE TEA) I  normally drink peppermint tea and I find that it makes me feel a lot fresher. Also, whilst I’m drinking my tea I will go through my phone, read posts, check my Instagram etc. Then, I wash up and clear the kitchen basically.

Next I brush my teeth again because I feel like I need to brush my teeth after I’ve eaten & I pop some chewing gum in my mouth and head out the door.


So that it my morning routine – it is not interesting at all but I hope you enjoyed this post anyway!

Lots of love,

Rosypop xxx


33 thoughts on “My Morning Routine

  1. dewdrops0213 says:

    The photo is so pretty! Our morning routine is kinda similar but I don’t brush twice 🙂 Or drink tea and other stuff 🙂 Love the photo :DDD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. theorangutanlibrarian says:

    haha I also struggle with getting out of bed in the morning- it’s not my favourite part of the day either :/ and porridge is disgusting- yeuch!! :/ I wouldn’t even manage a spoonful. I actually struggle to eat anything in the morning though- always have- but I do manage to have a cup of tea and sometimes a biscuit or half a cereal bar (seriously I’m ridiculous about eating in the morning) I enjoyed this post- good to know I’m not alone with my morning struggles :p

    Liked by 1 person

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