The Spotlight Movie Tag!

Hey guys,

Thank you to yourenotaloneinthisworld for tagging me to do this tag! I really love the idea of this so I hope you enjoy this post! 🙂

The Rules: 

  • Post this image into your post!
  • Tag whoever you want!
  • Have fun!!!

The Questions:

  • Uh oh, not again! What’s a movie that you think is too predictable? 


I love this movie – I really do and I don’t want to give away the plot twist but I felt like I was expecting for something to go wrong and I wasn’t really surprised when I found out what happens. This doesn’t make it a bad movie but personally it was quite predictable. Although the plot twist is truly great and I love movies with plot twists 🙂

  • I can’t believe I’m crying! What’s a movie that made you cry or loose it? 

The Fault In Our Stars

I’m a very emotional person so when I watch a movie that’s sad it will make me cry for sure. This literally made me cry so much I couldn’t help it. I love the book, I love the movie I love everything. Les Mis also made me cry but that’s a musical so I don’t know if it counts.

  • Ah, the simplest things make me laugh! What’s a movie that even the smallest of comments in it make you crack up? 

I totally agree with yourenotaloneinthisworld on this one! In this movie Jim Carrey makes me laugh so much I just love this. I feel like I get a six pack every time I watch this from so much laughing.

  • I don’t care if this movie is animated, I still love it! What’s an animated movie that you love? 

Any Christmas or Disney movie that’s animated I LOVE. BUT I have to say Ratatouille.

This is a movie that I watched when I was quite small and it is one of my favouritest movies – I just really love this.

  • I don’t care if this might not be possible in real life, I love this movie anyway! What’s a sci-fi movie that you love? 

Harry Potter

Harry Potter all the way! I love Harry Potter so much and it’s kinda sad that it’s not real…

  • Ugh this movie is awful! What movie did you not like at all? 

This movie is absolutely terrible so bad – ugh.

  • What’s a romantic comedy that you really like? 

I don’t really watch romantic comedies so I don’t really know…

  • What’s a great horror movie? 





  • What’s a movie that was made from a book that you really like? 

I really like these movies although the first two were a bit crappy – I really liked seeing the movies after I’ve read the books.

  • Name a book that you wish they’d make into a movie

Girl Online for sure! I so want it to be made into a movie 🙂

  • What’s a horror movie that you found more stupid than scary?

The Purge. I really liked this horror movie but I found that it wasn’t a very horror-ey horror movie if that makes sense. The only thing that was supposed to make it scary was the fact that it has a lot of blood and masks. So I wasn’t really impressed.

  • Really, this is it?  What’s a movie that you were highly disappointed with?

I was really disappointed with this and they didn’t carry on making the other movies because this one wasn’t successful. I thought it was so unprofessional and I just found this so disappointing considering the fact that the books are good.

I tag:

Hideaway girl


the orangutan librarian



pastel orchid


Simply, Me

I hope you enjoyed this post! *virtual hugs*

Lots of love,

Rosypop xxx






25 thoughts on “The Spotlight Movie Tag!

  1. El The Bookworm says:

    Ahaha this is such a cool tag!! I wanted to tell you that I’ve been flicking through your old posts and I’ve found out about how you want to come to Australia. I live in Australia, it is such an awesome place and I love it so much! Please pay us a visit someday 😀

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