Packing Tips

Hey everyone,

Seeing as I’ve been packing recently for my holiday I thought that it would only be right that I do a packing tips sort of post! So here you go:

#1 Create a list of everything that you will need! That way you’re less likely to forget any little but essential things like make-up wipes or phone charger or earphones etc.

IMG_0227 (2)

#2 Depending on how long your plane journey is, in general they can get quite boring so always bring a book or a tablet with you to keep you entertained.

#3 This is a tip/hack sort of thing that I discovered not long ago: when you pack your clothes, instead of folding them roll them because this saves sooo much space and stops creasing!

IMG_0228 (2)

I feel like there’s a stripy theme going on 🙂

#4 Use brightly coloured ribbons or tape to attach to the handle of your suitcase if it’s black or a common colour so that you can spot it easily!

#5 Have essentials in your hand luggage! It’s always best to be prepared for the worst and let’s face it, sometimes luggage goes missing. Make sure all your valuables are in your hand luggage and always pack a spare change of clothes in your hand luggage too, just in case the worst happens and your bag is lost/delayed. That way you won’t have to rush to the shops as soon as you arrive and waste your holiday money.

#6 When it comes to packing, you need to make use of every little space you can. Roll tops/underwear/socks and other small items & stuff them into your shoes to make sure every possible space is filled.

#7 Pack all your electrical items like phone charger, camera charger, adaptors, headphones in small bags so they don’t get lost in your suitcase!

#8 Wrap all the wires in a hair band so it doesn’t get tangled and if you’re like me and you always loose your hair bands you’ll have spare!

#9 Wear your larger shoes to the airport! This will save space and you can pack more stuff. However in saying that I think that if your luggage gets lost/stolen maybe wear the shoes that you know you will wear the most where you’re going and/or just pack a pair of lightweight shoes in your hand luggage.

#10 If you don’t have a toothbrush case thingy, use a binder clip to go on the brush part of the tooth brush!

#11 If you have things like necklaces put them through a straw so they don’t get tangled.

#12 If you mainly have make up that takes up a LOT of space because it’s in big, bulky packaging, to save space buy one of those contact lenses holder things and you can put your make up in those (like concealer, moisturiser etc.)

#13 This one is more of a life hack as well as a packing tip but if you have a lot of bobby pins put them into an empty tic tac container.

#14 If you have glass bottles like perfume or wine or idk put them in socks or wrap them in t-shirts instead of buying like bubble wrap because this will save space and money.

#15 Nearly forgot this one but make sure you always bring fluffy socks with you on the plane because feet tend to get soooooo cold on the plane. And it’s not just your feet so wear a comfy and warm hoodie even if you’re going somewhere hot.

#16 Finally, I know it’s nice to have like a designer, expensive suitcase but a lot of the time those are the suitcases that attract robbers at the airport so it’s better to just have a plain black,lightweight suitcase!

And there we go! I hope you enjoyed this post and *virtual hugs* to you all 🙂 ♥

Lots of love,

Rosypop xxx


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