Blogmas Day 2 – Staying True To Yourself

Hey everyone,


So okay I know it’s the 2nd December already so I’ve kind of messed up the whole “I’m going to do blogmas” thing but hey ho. I’m just going to carry on from now!

So this post is not really going to be Christmas themed because I was thinking and pretty much every single blogmas post is Christmassy and i know it’s called blogmas for a reason but hey who says you can’t bend the rules a little? (well okay I don’t think there are any rules but let’s pretend there are.)

So in this post I’m gonna talk about two things: pencil cases and (hence the title) staying true to who you are (the pencil case thing does link in to that I don’t normally talk about pencil cases for no reason.)

I’m going to start off with talking about pencil cases. So basically I have a pencil case (that just totally blew your mind) okay just kidding. The actual reason for me writing about pencil cases is 1: I have a really old tacky, dirty, childish (you could say) pencil case. And 2: I’ve had it for over three years and i still love it a LOT.

I know you might be thinking okay great you’re getting a bit sentimental here and why am I even  writing about an old pencil case that I’ve never seen. Well the answer to that is because recently I’ve realised that i’m becoming embarrassed of myself. There’s kind of two types of embarrassment. You can be generally embarrassed you know that type of red-in-the-face sort of embarrassed or you can also have a deep black hole that you feel in your chest that people can’t see.

A couple of days ago one of the “popular”girls (she’s nice) came over to my table and looked at my pencil case and it’s not that she looked at in a cringey sort of way but i just felt that feeling when it feels like your stomach is compressing together – if that makes sense. And since then I’ve been really aware of how much I am changing myself to stay friends with someone, generally how much I have changed myself to not be the odd one out. Because this thing called society doesn’t tend to accept you for who you are unless who you are just happens to be what is considered okay and not weird (in a bad way.)

And that just made me really sad because I realised that I don’t want to be that person that i am not I want to be me. I do not want to feel embarrassed for who I am. But in order to be yourself you need to know yourself – I mean that’s not really that hard to work out. So I have been trying to find myself because over the years I have changed and the real me is deep inside. I kind of feel like that Columbus guy that discovered America (???) I’m not really good with my history or my geography or general knowledge really. But apart from discovering some place I’m kind of on a journey to find my true self. And believe it or not it’s bloody hard to dot hat when the true you has been well and truly hidden within you for years.

The point of this post really is to just say that finding yourself is important and the reason for that is pretty self explanatory. I just think that it’s sad that we’re the ones that create society, we are a part of society and yet we are the ones that get negatively effected by it. Not everyone but a lot of people do.

So my challenge to you guys is to do one thing that you love and that is a part of who you are, it can be little or small but even the smallest of steps can lead to big things. Remember to comment those things so I and other can get inspired because I just find people so inspirational.

Lots of love,

Rosypop xxx


10 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 2 – Staying True To Yourself

  1. Teenella says:

    This post is amazing and you’re amazing – you express yourself so well and I COMPLETELY agree with everything that you’ve said. I’m on a journey to find myself as well so we could travel together 🙂 And it’s so important to stay true to ourselves and what we believe in. We shouldn’t be obliged to change ourselves just to please others.

    Liked by 1 person

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