Blogmas Day 6 – Christmas Wishlist

Hey everyone,


I am so sorry that I didn’t post anything yesterday I was just so busy with school!!

So this is kind of gonna be a rushed post because I don’t have much time to write this but recently everyone’s kind of been doing their Christmas wishlist and I personally love  to read those posts so I thought why not do this?

  1. Jackets/Coats

Okay so my wardrobe is really lacking coats and jackets plus my coat is ugly and getting too small for me so I just see Christmas as the perfect time to get a coat that could be that little bit more expensive and nicer. And I really want this white coat by Tommy Hilfiger and yes I know that a REALLY expensive brand but it is a wishlist for a reason! I also really like jackets from Nike or Adidas  although I do love more of the ones form Adidas (again i know they’re expensive brands but I’m not saying I am actually going to get this for Christmas!)

2.  Trainers/Shoes

Before i start let me just say I LOVE SHOES!!! Especially trainers so I am definitely asking fro shoes this Christmas (and probably the next also.)  I am not going to really start listing all the shoes I really want because quite frankly that would take waaaaayyyy too long however I am going to put some shoes I really love below:

3. Books

I basically really want books and that is all I’m going to say because my next post is going to be about books I want to read and ones I have read!!!

4. Clothes from Romwe as it is literally my favourite brand, it has sooooo much I love which i just think is actually quite rare when it comes to browsing through clothing websites.

5. Lush

A perfect Christmas gift would be something from Lush because let’s be honest – who doesn’t like baths, bubbles and anything smelly (in a good way!)

6. Candles 

I really don’t care what candle I get. Okay that is a straight up lie cause obviously everyone has different tastes scent-wise and so I do care what candles I get. But what I meant to say is I love candles, especially if they are Christmas ones so candles are definitely on my list this year!

There is really not much else I want because Christmas to me is a time of celebration and happiness and I personally don’t particularly think of it as a present time so I don’t have a massive list! if you have done a wishlist post please link it in the comments because I do love getting inspirations (not just for my presents but for things to get people!) *virtual hugs*

Lots of love,

Rosypop xxx

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