Merry Christmas & an explanation

Hey everyone,

So to start off I want to wish you all a very merry Christmas and I hope you all had a lovely Christmas day  wherever you are!

However, the actual reason for me writing this blog post is because I owe you all an explanation. If you are a wonderful person who actually checks if I have a new post up (although I really do doubt there is a person out there who would do that cause quite frankly my posts are not very good.) But anyhow, if you do do that than first of all I’d like to thank you for doing that because it is something that is simply beyond my ability to express how grateful I am for. I have no idea if what I just said made sense so if you get it I congratulate you, if you don’t – you don’t! I keep rambling – back to the point, if you regularly read my blog then you would have noticed that I have not posted since the 7th December (if I’m correct.) And considering that I planned to do Blogmas, the fact that I stopped on the 7th is really no good. So now we’ve gotten to a point where I will finally explain why I ended up never actually doing Blogmas (something I am very sad about (emphasis on “very”))

I was basically very busy (again emphasis on “very”) because it is after all or at least it was the Christmas period when everyone is in a hectic frenzy of buying and wrapping and more buying and spending hours trying to find where the edge of the tape is and so on. Therefore, I simply could not juggle everything going on and ended up having to give up some of the things I planned which meant no Blogmas on rosypopblog. I also have been feeling quite poorly for the past week including today which was really quite sad because being ill on Christmas day is no fun.

So because of these reasons I want to give you an apology you guys deserve and although I wish I could promise that I would definitely do Blogmas next year I don’t want to make promises and not keep them.That’s why all I’m gonna say is I will try my hardest to do Blogmas next year and I want to say sorry again!

Also, I will definitely have a couple of new posts quite soon so keep your eyes peeled for those! *virtual hugs*

Lots of love,

Rosypop xxx

6 thoughts on “Merry Christmas & an explanation

  1. Alannas world says:

    Aww, I really hope you’re feeling better! Even I failed to do blogmas this year. And for the record, I love your posts! I hope you had an amazing Christmas xx

    Liked by 1 person

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