New Year’s Resolutions

Hey everybody,

As promised I have a new post for you guys and seeing as it is so very close to New Year’s Day I decided I wanted to make a list of my New Year’s Resolutions!!! I normally make these lists but I honestly never really keep any of the resolutions but y’know it’s worth the try & this does always make New Year’s feel like more of a fresh start and make me feel more organised.

  1. So my top resolution is studying. This is a bit of a boring one but I feel like if you start studying early you won’t have as much to study when it comes to the oh so dreaded exam season as you will know what you learnt before. In addition, studying really does no bad so I really hope I will keep this resolution!
  2. Keeping healthy and doing more exercise. This is becoming a bit of a classic and non-original one isn’t it? But I know for a fact I need to start moving a bit more often and eating a little less junk food. I feel like this is a perfect one because it’s just been Christmas and I don’t know about you but I’ve certainly gained  a pound if not more!
  3. Spending less time submerged in the online world – if that is the right way to put it!I feel like things online have affected my happiness levels and that change was for the worse so basically the online world was one of the top reasons for me being unhappy this year. But also I feel like I spent a lot of time staring at the screen of my laptop or phone and not really gaining much from. I feel like I sound like a right old grandma in this post so I just want to put it out here – I am in fact a teenage girl and I am nowhere near becoming a grandma quite yet!

So that’s it! I realise it’s quite a short list of resolutions but there’s really no point in coming up with a whopping long list of things that you know straight away you’re not gonna keep.

Do let me know if you have enjoyed this post and if you have any resolutions this year or if you just did not bother making a list because you know you won’t keep any of them! *virtual hugs*

Lots of love,

Rosypop xxx

15 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. LyfWithEm says:

    These are literally all my resolutions too, perhaps with a few more I need to think about. I think I might write a post like this too. But I’m so bad at keeping them aghhhhh. Anyway, good luck , I hope you manage to keep them!!xx

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