Little things in life

Hey everyone,

So recently i went away to this place where there was a mountain which we were going to climb. As we started our hike, it was really hard and many people were like ‘I can’t do it’ etc. But someone gave me some really good advice and told me to think about each step I take individually rather than the whole journey ahead and stress about that. This helped me a lot but then we got to a very steep part where you literally had to crawl and hold onto the like rocky parts of it.

But in the end I got up the mountain and I’ve never been more proud (or absolutely knackered) in my life.

I also want to tell you about a woman who was climbing the mountain with us. She had a 1 year old baby that she took with her and carried all the way up the mountain in one of those baby rucksack things. She inspired me so much. That every time i felt like I was failing. I stopped and thought about how she was carrying her baby and how she must be more tired than me and how she kept going till the top.

The reason I’m writing this blog post though, is because I’m not just giving you advice for the next time you climb a mountain because let’s face it it doesn’t happen very often. But the way I climbed the mountain could be used for anything.

Whenever something feels too hard, break it down into little steps and do one step at a time. Take breaks. And without realising it you’ll be there. Of course a little inspiration helps and as long as you seek it, you will always find something or someone that inspires you.

That day I climbed my first little Mount Everest (is it weird that I’ve just mentioned Mount Everest in two consecutive posts?! – bit obsessed) and currently I feel like saying and you can climb your own mountain too but that’s so cheesy I might vomit.

Anyway this was a bit of a random post but hope you enjoyed it.

*virtual hugs*

Lots of love,

Rosypop xxx


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