What IS human nature?

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So recently when I went away tot his place with my family, I saw something very sad and nasty. There was a seagull and it was fighting  a pigeon. Eventually, the pigeon couldn’t escape and it died.

I asked “Why did the seagull have to kill it?!” and in true Rosypop fashion I said it out loud when I wasn’t meaning to. And a woman (that same woman I talked about in my last post) said it was nature.

This got me wondering. Seagulls eat fish, but eventually they get stronger and start looking for bigger pray. And the pigeons that live by the seaside are most unlucky.

This brought me back to the Manchester attack. And I wondered what’s in our human nature. Is it to kill or to survive? And in order to survive do we need to kill? But then surely our moral values would stop us from doing one of those, which is to kill.

Then I kind of realised, there will always be the seagulls that will seek prey bigger than there is. But in the animal world, if it was a Welsh seagull people won’t discriminate all other Welsh seagulls will they? Then why do we discriminate all other Muslims just because a Muslim killed all those innocent lives. It’s in our human nature, to find someone to blame, and blaming just that one bomber is not enough to satisfy us. So we go on to seeking bigger things to blame. Like a whole religion or a whole nation or race. And yes maybe somewhere in their holy book it does say “Kill all the unbelievers just as they would kill you all!” but that doesn’t mean that all Muslims would listen to that or they would do that. Some will and some have just like with any other religion.

Because it doesn’t matter what the label people place on you says. There is always good and bad in all of us. Ans what matters is not whether we are labelled good or bad but what we choose to be. No one can take that choice away from you.


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