How to: be Health(ier)

Hello lovely readers,

Today I am writing this post (as you can probably see)…………great start to a post is it not?

Anyway, before I continue I have to say, I am by no means healthy. However, how I interpret the word healthy is, someone who’s ‘in a good physical and mental condition’. And you won’t be in a ‘good physical condition’ if you always eat food high in calories or never exercise! (hmmm…I think I do that – a LOT) But an important part of being healthy is that motivation and it’s hard to stay motivated when you see a salted caramel cupcake with thick frosting… I think motivation to at least resist chocolate is already a good start (by my standards it is anyway :)) So here is something that might motivate you:

So, when you eat chocolate (or some other un-healthy food) the scrumptiousness will only last for a minute or so. Am I right?

And then it’s gone, it’s almost like you’ve never eaten it. The only things that you get from eating something delicious but unhealthy is the nice taste (that only lasts for a considerably small amount of time) and the calories…

————————–time to think about it—————————-

So, the next time you’re tempted to eat something you know you shouldn’t really. Just think about it. What am I going to get from it? Is it really worth it? Because, it will only last you about a minute…

I’m not saying don’t eat anything nice, it’s okay to have cakes sometimes, but if you have a problem like me (when you can’t resist not eating something)…then I hope this helps!

I just read back on what I’ve written and I sound like a really greedy person (food-wise) *awkward laugh*

Am I the only one who loves food so much? And please comment down below if this helps or if you have any other motivation tips! *virtual hugs*

Lots of love,

Rosypop xxx



How to: Deal with family problems?

Dear readers,

Oh look! This is a yet another ‘How to’! You might remember that I promised to do this post separately to the ‘How to: Deal with friendship problems?’ So here we go!

Family problem No. 1: Death

This is probably the hardest one for the whole family…If you know someone who has experienced this family problem recently, rather than being a bit overboard with sympathy and having a really really good time on purpose. For example doing all the things your friend loves…Don’t. Because it will keep reminding them of why you are doing it! Instead carry on as normal. It will help them take their mind off things and I think school will become an escape from what’s happening at home.

If it is you who has experienced this family problem, if your friends are doing what the natural instinct tells them to do (being really sympathetic etc.) Then tell them to carry on as normal. If you don’t and instead try and find other people (who don’t know about the problem so that you can carry on as normal) your friends will start to feel confused and left out. This may lead to a massive argument…Let’s face it that’s not something either you or your friends want after you’ve experience you-know-what of a family member.

Family problem No. 2: Parent’s Arguing/Divorce

You have to just remind yourself that it’s your parents life and not yours! So if they decide to go their own different paths you have got to accept that, and start supporting your parents more because it will be just as hard for them as it probably is for you. Remember you can to take care of yourself and also to be fair to your parents.

In regards to arguments. Well pretty much everyone has them. Sometimes they do not mean anything, sometimes they can lead to divorce. You can’t do much to control them but you can talk to you parents and ask them if they can stop arguing in front of you. They might forget that you are still a child as grown up as you may be, so you need to remind them that.

Family problem No. 3: A ‘problematic’ member of the family

Well guys I know that there are a lot of families with children who have disabilities, or other awful things. To cope with this problem is really hard. The best thing to do is to talk to that member of family. If they’re ‘problematic’ so they run away a lot and do other things, then let them know that you still love them. Talk to them try and get to ‘their heart’. They might look like they are not listening but they will be. My mum’s friend deals with autism for example. So here are some tips from her:

1.Create a home safety zone. (also helps with anxiety)

2.Stick to a schedule.- they often like to have everything organized. Set up a schedule for your child, with regular times for meals, therapy, school, and bedtime.

3. Don’t give up.

4.Reward good behaviour – as childish as that sounds.

Check out the website below for a bit more on autism:

Family problem No.4: Parents that nag/criticise

Show that you listen and understand their criticism by repeating what they say in a respectful way. Get them to talk about what they did as teenagers – this may remind them of what you’re going through. Sometimes, parents criticize you too much or even put you down. Try talking to your parents or writing them a letter about how you feel. If that doesn’t work, talk to an adult you trust about it. Although, you might feel frustrated and feel like stopping trying, try and do really well in something to prove to your parents that you’re better than they might think!

I hope this helped some of you, and well done for reading my really rambly post!

Lots of love,

Rosypop xx

How to: Deal with past friendship problems?

Dear readers,

I think we all have experienced something awful in the past. Awful things tend to happen a lot! Sometimes they’re friendship problems, sometimes they’re family problems. But it always sticks in your head – even if you don’t want it to!

I think the hardest thing is when you can’t get over a past problem. When it keeps you trapped in that same moment for such a long time…and you can’t seem to forget about it – as much as you want to!

Dealing with the past is probably the hardest thing I’ve had to deal with EVER! If you think about it: Life is like a bicycle. You’ve got to keep moving on otherwise you will fall. This can really relate to past problems.

If it’s a friendship problem here’s my advice:

Next time stop the argument as soon as possible. Just don’t say anything. My fingers were always itching to type something horrible back when the argument is online! But don’t. You know that a person is hurt when they’re silent. Secondly,  hold your head up high smile and put on that I-don’t-care-look. Trust me the thing your ex friends 😤 want to see is you in a deflated, depressed state. Don’t let them!

After you did that, find other friends. I feel like friends are divided into three categories:

  1. Best Friends
  2. Good but not best friends
  3. Literally just people in your class that you’re friendly with!

Find friends from option number 2 and become better friends! I mean something always good comes out of an argument you get the opportunity to strengthen you friendship with others!

TIP: Don’t depress you ‘new’ besties cause people get easily put off. Don’t say something like “Let’s laugh at them when we go past.” When you’ve just become friends. A lot of people don’t like to get into an argument so wait until you’re really close & you know they will be on YOUR side no matter what!

Ways if revenge: 😂 I know revenge isn’t very nice but it’s a good lesson to the ones that hurt you. My trusty revenge tip is to post loads of pics of you and a new friend on any social media you own. AND NOT JUST POST BUT bombard everyone with pics! 😉

Last thing: Smile when you’re around them. As hard as that sounds ☺! Knowing that they didn’t ‘hurt’ you will make them feel annoyed that you are having such a good time when they probs aren’t!

This blog is already so long that I’m going to do a ‘How to: Deal with family problems” separately! 😜


How to: Deal with stress/anxiety

Hey everyone,

Oh look! This is the third time today that I’ve decided to warm up my keyboard! My head has been practically going mental with ideas for this blog!

I’ve decided to talk about a really personal matter.

Only a few people know about my anxiety and by the time you finish reading this you will be one of them.

I got my first panic attack during the summer holidays when I was in France.

Me and my mum went to a concert, it was really and I mean REALLY busy. I was kind of amazed by everything, I was in that pinch-me-I-must-be-dreaming mood. So then, I lost my mum in the crowds. I started to panic cause I wasn’t in England somewhere where I knew where to go. I was at a busy place in a foreign country without my phone and I knew no one who could help me. I didn’t even know where exactly I was in France. I mean I could have tried asking for help but trust me you do NOT want to hear my French accent.

Gosh even thinking about it makes me feel all shivery!

Suddenly, I felt trapped. There was this tightness in my throat and I felt like I could’t breathe. Everything started becoming too loud, too bright, too much. My heart started beating so fast that I felt like instead of 80 beats per minute it was doing a 1,000. The excited chatter started sounding menacing and I became really hot inside and cold on the outside at the same time. My palms started sweating…and I just felt suffocated.

It was the WORST thing I have ever experienced. I didn’t know what to do but then I felt hands grabbing me and the next minute I was near the seaside. Eventually,  my heartbeat calmed down and it all went back to normal. The people that I met were the people that were also camping and their tent was near us.

They told me that they saw us at the camping place and asked me if I was alright and helped me find my parents.

I asked them not to tell my parents what happened because I didn’t want to worry anyone more than I already have. Plus I told them that I just panicked and that’s all.

After that day I’ve never gotten panic attacks until not that long ago and now I’ve been getting the panicky moments again and again. Whether I am in school where it’s really busy or somewhere else, I am always close to getting one.

But then I started reading lots about what it might be and how to cope with them. I tried lots and lots of things but these five really helped.

  1. This will sound stupid but do NOT fight it.

Let it happen and just keep saying something like ‘It’s okay’ over and over. This instantly calmed me, I felt so good cause I faced it and it was alright! Think of the worst that can happen and just try and think yourself into having that worst thing – it won’t happen, it’ll just fade.

2.  If you’re not at home, go home and snuggle up in a blanket or something that makes you feel safe.

For me its my mum’s dressing gown. It’s got her signature scent that reminds me of safety + it is cosy and snug. Not to mention the fact that it is warm. Then I tend to make myself either drink a hot chocolate or increase my sugar levels or both 🙂

3. Talk to someone you feel like you can trust. For me it will be my friends because they make me feel safe. Like right now I am writing this and it does seem to help.

4. When you get it, drink more water & get some fresh air!

Whether you’re in school or somewhere else you can always find water and open a window!

5. This one is something I tried today: think of a person, a different person that you would like to be.

I thought of this person called ‘Skye-strong Fresh’ I know it’s a bit silly but when I get panicky I start pretending that I am that person and it weirdly helps me to make the anxiety go away. The sky makes me feel a bit calm (as does the seaside) however I don’t live near the sea so it’s just the sky that can calm me most of the time. The word ‘strong’ is just a reminder that I can get through it. Finally I associate the word ‘fresh’ with air and breathing – I know I’m weird. But pretending to be someone else – a confident version of me helped me so much so I thought I’d share this with you guys!

I hope this post helped you in any way. It feels weird telling you about this because this is my vulnerable side and I haven’t really let anyone see/read it so I’m a little bit nervous to post this.

Hopefully, one day my anxiety will go away and I will be able to deal with it! 🙂 *virtual hugs*

Lots of love,

Rosypop going back to the ‘real’ world xxx

How to: REVISE (ugh)

Dear reader (s),

You have no idea how much I want to carry on reading “Arsenic for tea” by Robin Stevens right now. However, I need to revise for a maths test. *WAILS* so i decided to do a little bit of procrastinating and write this post. Revision s-u-c-k-s.

Hopefully writing out my tips will motivate me to revise. I’ve used these tips before and I find that they actually made me look forwards to revising. I REPEAT: they actually made me look forwards to revising!

So…lets get started!

STEP 1: Plan it, make a timetable/list/anything

I love organising things so this is a really nice way (for me) to get started! I just do little sort of time slots and i write what subjects I am going to revise for and when. If I am revising for just one subject I do what different areas of that subject I am going to do and when. I normally have a little 10 mins break between each slot and have a big 30 mins break in the middle.

STEP 2: Decide what treat/prize you will get when you finish revising.

This really helps me get through revision. Just knowing that there’s a reward at the end helps motivate you.

STEP 3: Do the harder questions first!

How many times have I found myself doing the questions that I know I can do, when I was revising? I have to say like a 10000000 times. So getting the harder questions/subjects/topics done first helps you look forwards to the next subject/topic that needs to be something you like.

STEP 4: Tick things off or/and use stickers!

I feel so satisfied when I finally tick something off. However, I also found gold star stickers in my cupboard that  I used to use long ago. So now I tick things off and stick a gold star on! It feels like I’m back in primary school! 🙂

STEP 5: Have everything you need with you (a glass of water is good.)

I always end up running around my house searching for things I need when I need to be doing revision. For example I get thirsty and have to go and get myself a glass of water but then I spot something and get distracted :0 That’s really bad so make sure you have EVERYTHING with you!

Let nothing interrupt revision!!!

Final thought of the day is that revision does pay off so it’s worth doing it!

Hope these helped you and now I am actually going to revise*ugh*

Lots of love,

Rosypop going back to ‘real’ world xxx